Flipgrid Videos In Microsoft PowerPoint

Video presentations have already changed how people work, learn, and interact in various environments. Asynchronous videos play a significant role in Livestream events and learning via video. Many video platforms now exist to make interactions lively and engaging. However, when looking for a video platform that easily integrates with your existing Microsoft solutions, think of Flipgrid.

What is Flipgrid?

Flipgrid is a video learning and discussion platform whose capabilities are unmatched. The idea behind the tool is to use video to create an open learning and discussion platform that doesn’t require a physical meeting for everyone to get involved. This makes the tool ideal for remote learners or users.

The tool allows participants to speak to the rest of the group without the fear that sometimes constricts responses in a real-world situation. Respondents can re-record responses, which removes the pressure of answering on the spot.

Users can create responses using the in-built camera on the software, then post to the topic at hand. They can record as many times as needed before uploading, with the option of adding text, emoji custom stickers, or drawings.

The best part is that the service works online and is accessible via web browser from nearly any device. You may also access it through the app, a factor that makes the platform ideal for use through smartphones, tablets, desktop computers, Chromebooks, or laptops. The tool is free to use and accessible using a Google or Microsoft account.

With all these features, Flipgrid joins other video platforms like Vimeo, YouTube, SlideShare, and Stream in offering supported services for PowerPoint online videos.

What are Flipgrid Shorts

Flipgrid shorts is a video tool that allows Flipgrid users to create videos for a custom finish instead of uploading a YouTube clip. The feature makes it possible for users to upload and edit videos, enhance them with stickers, emojis, or text, and segment them. It’s an excellent way to help people pass in-depth information to their audience. Depending on how creative users are, they can produce powerful results in their video presentations.

How to Integrate Flipgrid into PowerPoint Presentations

These are the steps you can use to add Flipgrid videos to your PowerPoint presentations with ease:

  • Step 1: On your Flipgrid, copy the “Share URL” of the Flipgrid video or short you want to share
  • Step 2: Click on the “Insert” button on the Microsoft PowerPoint presentation
  • Step 3: Navigate to “Windows” and click on “Select Video” and then click on the “Online Videos” icon. If you’re using a Mac, you will click on “Video” and then “Online Movie.”  If using PowerPoint for the web, click on the “Online Video” icon.
  • Step 4: Paste the URL you copied for the Flipgrid video or shorts into the open “Dialog Box.”
  • Step 5: Click the “Insert” button to allow you to place your Flipgrid video on your PowerPoint slide.
  • Step 6: Resize, customize, or move the Flipgrid video until you achieve the desired layout. You also want to ensure it fits inside the slide for a good outlook during your presentation.

Unfortunately, the entire process is not without some known issues. For example, the Video Preview feature may disappear after pasting the Flipgrid URL into the dialog box. However, Microsoft is currently working to address the issue, and it should not stop you from inserting and playing your Flipgrid video.

Requirements for Integrating Flipgrid Videos with Microsoft PowerPoint

At the moment, PowerPoint only supports Flipgrid shorts and Flipgrid standard videos for presentations. This integration is also only available to Office Insiders using these Beta Channel builds:

  • Windows version 2107, specifically 14221.20000 or later
  • Mac version 16.51, precisely 21071101 or later

Benefits of Using Flipgrid for PowerPoint Presentations

Flipgrid is a popular tool used by people from over 180 countries. It wouldn’t be this popular if it didn’t have anything much to offer. This is how you stand to benefit by using the tool in learning environments:

  • Convenience and flexibility: Flipgrid is a convenient platform for educators as they can conveniently use it for assessment. Since the discussions are recorded on video, it’s easy for the educator to decide how to assess the recording, allowing the freedom and flexibility to review them when convenient.
  • Learners can conduct selfassessment: Flipgrid works in a way that supports self-assessment and reflection by the users. They can review their recordings and identify the areas that need improvement in the future. The tool allows for inclusive learning, which helps the learners to improve their skills.
  • Improves digital literacy skills: learners quickly acquire skills to enable them to produce unique online content. They also become better at using online tools in their collaborative work. Since the platform motivates the users to speak, it plays a role in boosting their communication skills.
  • Improved collaboration: users from different countries can effectively collaborate using Flipgrid videos through PowerPoint presentations. This allows them to practice their skills with a large group beyond those they interact with daily. The platform opens up a world of learning opportunities that don’t limit the users to their immediate environment.

The User-to-User replies function comes in handy to allow the learners to interact with others within a Flipgrid Topic. This means that users can engage in an ongoing discussion at a time and place convenient to them.

This is a feature that educators can leverage to engage learners in collaborative dialogue to extend their learning experiences. The Replies-to-Responses feature is totally under the educator’s control, which they can toggle to create or edit topics at any time.

Get Help with Microsoft Platforms

Millions of presentations are given each day, and it’s only fair that the platforms used are good enough for the situation. PowerPoint slides represent one of the best mediums for sharing supporting content. Depending on how you use it, your audience can better absorb and connect with your ideas. The platform now allows you to add Flipgrid videos and shorts for a livelier and engaging presentation.

If you would like help to integrate Flipgrid videos presentations into your PowerPoint slides in a business environment, experts from Virtual IT are here for you. Don’t hesitate to call us for this and all of your business IT and Microsoft needs.

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