How Long Do Laptops Last In A Business Environment?

The life expectancy of a laptop for business purposes is typically around 3-5 years. However, if the device is subjected to heavy daily use, it may fail before the 4th year.

Typically, a fully mobile laptop will have a lifespan of approximately thirty-six months or three years from the date of purchase. However, if used every day and transported around by the user, it will reduce lifespan. The main reasons for reduced lifespan for a fully mobile laptop include:

Placing it in a Bag with Other Items

Carrying the device in a bag with other items can lead to damage.

Unfavorable Temperatures

Subjecting the laptop to high and low temperatures can lead to damage. Exposing it to high temperatures (e.g., outside in the sun) then placing it in a cold room affects the inside components.

Doing so can cause condensation in some internal accessories, leading to corrosion and ultimate unit failure. Total desktop replacement is the only remedy when this happens. However, not exposing it to extreme temperature changes is the ultimate solution.

Dropping the Laptop Bag

When the user drops the laptop bag to the floor, especially if they have piled other items on top, it causes damage. Laptops are not designed to take the weight or pressure of anything placed on them.

Subjected to Liquid Spills/Moisture 

If liquid spills on the laptop or drops of fluid run down the screen and enter through an air vent, they can damage the internal components. If this happens, users must remove the battery immediately and not use it for a few hours until it has dried out. If the liquid stays inside the laptop for a prolonged time, the device is unlikely to recover.

As you will realize, most manufacturers give a maximum of three years warranty to a new laptop. They know that after that, the components inside degrade, increasing issues and the cost of repair.

As an entrepreneur looking for a new business laptop, the primary consideration is a quality, warranty-backed purchase. Things you need to consider before making the purchase are

The Intended Use

Your business is only as good as the equipment it uses. You need to make sure you get your money’s worth. Think about the main tasks performed by the laptop. These could include word processing, accounting, financial reporting, project management, light design work, or multimedia use like photo management. Ask yourself:

  • Is it going to be used mainly in the office as a secondary machine, or out and about?
  • Will you require it to have integrated mobile broadband to access email away from the office?

Warranty Period 

A more extended warranty means that the components inside are of higher quality and will last longer. A guarantee is crucial because it means that your laptop will be repaired or replaced free of charge if something goes wrong during the warranty period. Ensure that you know whether the warranty applies only to the labor involved when repairing faulty parts or replacing them as well.

Processor Speed 

Laptops are fast becoming as powerful as desktop computers. However, consider what you need to use the device for and ensure that the processor speed is fast enough to handle the tasks.

Battery Life 

If you require a portable laptop, ensure the battery life will last at least 3 hours, even when in heavy use. It will often mean going for one with a larger capacity battery.

Things to Know as a Business Laptop Owner

The more you understand the device, the better it will serve you. Here are things to know.

There are Different Price Ranges

Laptop prices range from $300 to $3000. You can buy a laptop that is just a basic model at a low cost, but you must consider its constant use. A higher-priced model might have better quality components meaning that it will last longer.

User Habits Affect Laptop Life

Remember that how users treat the laptop affects its life. Avoid dropping it, spills, and exposing it to extreme temperatures. Don’t allow anyone to put anything on it and switch it off when not in use.

Laptops Become Obsolete Quickly as New Models Come Up

Most companies phase out older version laptops as they introduce new ones into the market. It means that it’s harder to get spare parts and software updates for older laptops. It’s also more challenging to get computer repair experts.

It pays to not compromise on the quality of a new laptop as doing so means it will not meet your business demands. It also means that it will not last for long, making you buy a replacement sooner than you had budgeted for.

When Should You Replace a Business Laptop?

Some signs indicate your laptop needs a replacement. These include:

  • You can’t update the software
  • Connecting to the internet or other devices is a challenge
  • It’s slow, runs hot, or freezes
  • Hardware components fail due to constant use or exposure to harsh conditions
  • It has hardware drive issues
  • It can no longer meet your business demands

Contact Virtual IT for advice on new laptops. We’re happy to chat about your requirements and budget, providing solutions that match both. Your business will love you for it.

Virtual IT supports your laptop requirements in Omaha, Des Moines, Kansas City, and St. Louis when you need a new laptop or advice. We offer

  • Advice on suitable laptops for your business needs and budget
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  • Onsite support at a time that suits you
  • Hardware, software, and network support, including backup and disaster recovery solutions
  • Computer servicing
  • Servers, including installation of new computers, upgrades for existing systems, and repairs to faulty hardware

Replacing business laptops can be expensive, making it essential to consult an expert who understands the difference between personal and business laptops. Doing so will ensure the purchase serves your needs, the laptops last longer, and you get a high ROI.

We are a leading Omaha laptop repair company offering a full range of IT services to businesses, including managed it services, business continuity, cybersecurity services, business IT support, cybersecurity education, cloud technologies, and Microsoft support.

Contact us anytime you need help, and we will gladly go through your concerns and find suitable solutions fast.

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