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Businesses today operate on various digital platforms, and the landscape has played a role in enhancing operations. As such, your business performance and competitiveness are only as good as your IT infrastructure. The more intelligent and agile it is, the better it is in helping you adapt quickly, powering innovation, and facilitating scalability.

Whether you use a private, public, or hybrid cloud approach, you need a professional in IT infrastructure management to work with you. Virtual IT has a team that can work with you to develop the proper IT infrastructure for your business. As a full-time managed services provider, we deliver reliable managed IT infrastructure services for any environment. By entrusting us with your business IT functions, you can better focus on your company’s core functions.

Importance of Managed IT Infrastructure Services

Your IT infrastructure comprises all the elements necessary to run and manage enterprise IT environments. They include the software, hardware, operating system, data storage, and operating system. These work together to deliver functional IT services and solutions and can be deployed within your organization’s facilities or a cloud computing system.

Virtual IT’s managed IT infrastructure services entail coordinating IT resources, platforms, people, and environments. We administer and manage your technology, data, and information in proactive ways

Our team offers software and support to ensure your IT ecosystem is efficient and more secure. We also help you simplify your IT stack while maintaining its ability to perform effectively. The benefits of managed IT infrastructure services to your business include:

  • Rapid response to any IT-related issue
  • Proactive management of your networks and devices in an agile and adaptive way
  • Monitoring service performance and detecting when service drops below the required levels
  • Identification of threats to the network, with prompt response to mitigate the impact
  • Streamlining day-to-day functions and operations, leaving the internal team with enough time to focus on the overall business strategy.
  • Reducing downtime by carrying out repairs within the shortest time possible.
  • Enhancing business performance and overall customer satisfaction

While an effective IT infrastructure management system can make things easier, it can be a little disruptive at first. That explains the reason you should work with IT experts like Virtual IT in managed IT infrastructure services.

Managed IT Infrastructure Services

Virtual IT’s Range of Managed IT Infrastructure Services

Experts at Virtual IT understand that your IT environment should help streamline processes, be reliable, and prevent and solve problems. When problems arise, you want your employees to rely on a knowledgeable, responsive, friendly, and professional team to resolve these problems by implementing solutions that work. That is why we have a broad range of managed IT infrastructure services to offer:

Cloud Managed Services

Many businesses are moving to cloud services as the platforms provide the perfect room for security, growth, and efficiencies. Virtual IT is the leading company in helping companies to plan, migrate, and operate in the cloud through various offerings in managed IT infrastructure services. If you are looking for flexibility in your work environment to allow all your staff members to work from anywhere, we are here to help. We also help you leverage Modern Workplace technologies like Microsoft Azure and Microsoft 365 to grow your business.

We will guide you as you migrate to the Microsoft Cloud or Google G Suite. Furthermore, we provide training and support to all your end-users on all Microsoft solutions.

Network Management and Consulting

Your business needs high-speed networks to support your ever-evolving cloud technologies. If you have a remote team, you also want to ensure that they are well-connected to your business networks and have the necessary support at all times.

Network components tend to fail from time to time because of factors like hardware problems, cyber threats, software misconfigurations, and more. Our network management offering comes in handy to help your business deploy, optimize, and maintain the network infrastructure and resources. The process entails server installation, cybersecurity, bandwidth allocation, among others.

As your network consultant, we are responsible for designing, implementing, and maintaining your computer networks. We will meet your IT manager, discuss your networking requirements, and research your network’s performance and security. Depending on the assessment’s outcome, our team will suggest changes for better functionality alongside a cost-benefit analysis. We will also review the installation and test the new or existing network.

Service and Experience Management

Your company operates in a digital, service-based economy that is powered by technology. As such, it may face challenges as the boundaries between infrastructure, applications, security, development, and operations become increasingly blurred. Virtual IT will help you leverage skills and tools to effectively manage your cloud estate by driving new employee experience levels.

Your business needs to balance various priorities like cost reduction, reduced risks, improved reliability, and increased agility. Our approach to service management in managed IT infrastructure delivers end-to-end service management that caters to the blurred lines for increased reliability and speed-to-value.

Managed Backup

Virtual IT provides managed backup services to ensure your machines are protected against software or hardware failure that creates costly downtime. If you have a Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) policy, the mobile devices coming into and leaving the office have the potential to lead to productivity and data loss. Fortunately, you can take preventative measures by putting up a reliable and comprehensive backup service.

With managed backup, you will have peace of mind knowing that you can recover your lost data quickly if anything catastrophic happens. Consequently, you will effectively reduce downtime and loss of productivity.

Partnering with Virtual IT for Managed It Infrastructure Services

Your IT infrastructure should grow as your business expands, to ensure it continues to serve you and your employees through the technology changes you encounter. A solid IT infrastructure is a crucial part of the equation for effective business operations and management. As such, you should never underestimate the importance of proper IT infrastructure management.

Working with a professional IT company like Virtual IT is the best way to ensure your IT environment’s stability and security. We have a customized approach to managed IT infrastructure services. Our flexibility allows us to tailor solutions that meet your unique business IT needs. In addition, all our enterprise-grade tools and solutions are tested to ensure they meet your business IT needs. Contact us today to find out how our managed IT infrastructure services can help your business.

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