Ways Outsourcing Your IT Helps Your Business Continuity

At Virtual IT, we want to work with your company to go beyond disaster recovery to move to a constant state of stability and information reliability. For many years, the computing industry has focused on the need for cloud solutions and automated backups on disaster recovery. In case of a tornado or hurricane or fire, your business could continue operating from an alternate location.

In 2020, we all learned that a natural hazard like a tornado wasn’t the only reason to move to the cloud and that data recovery needs did not comprise the sole priority of a business to move to the cloud. Every business that could turn to the cloud and work in virtual environments, to remain open during a pandemic no one foresaw.

Your disaster recovery might encompass losing data due to a local server or computer crash. Working in the cloud eliminates the possibility of total data loss.

Business Continuity

Business Continuity Services

Using Virtual IT the company or the technique means more than just outsourcing your information technology department. It provides your business with a better solution since using outsourced personnel and cloud solutions provides you with everything you need to run your business from any location. It protects you from ever losing data, but let’s consider in-depth the many ways a virtual staff and software platform benefits your company.

  1. By outsourcing your information technology needs, you benefit from experts. The focus of your small business probably isn’t IT. That is the focus of a company like Virtual IT though. An IT firm provides software engineers, computer specialists, and technicians who can help create solutions for your company that benefit during a time of emergency and on an everyday basis.
  2. Outsourcing helps you improve your business’s focus by eliminating technology problems and assisting you in setting and reaching business goals. This happens through business IT planning in concert with creating your business plan and business processes. IT experts remain educated about the latest technology advances and can suggest and implement software and hardware upgrades that let you operate with greater efficiency during times of calm and crisis.
  3. People erroneously think that disaster recovery costs a lot. That planning and creating backup systems doubles costs, but it actually reduces costs. Instead of duplicating your IT staff and your premise installed software, using virtual solutions provides you with one solution that works all the time for a single monthly cost.
  4. Your wise investment provides you with experts that can capably support all of your company’s information technology needs. Outsourcing IT does not simply provide you with someone to conduct server updates or renew your domain name registrations. It provides you with a development partner to help you improve your way of doing things.
  5. Your investment in virtual IT provides you with improved security because you benefit from the cloud software platforms’ security plus the security experts at the IT company to which you outsourced your IT needs.
  6. This all works together to reduce your company’s risk levels. Rather than taxing a single individual at your company with the task of keeping up to date on technology trends, you leverage a company of dedicated professionals specializing in such matters. In a small business, you would typically appoint a person who already has other duties that relate to your business’s main duties or you would hire one individual for an IT position to manage day-to-day computing needs. It is unlikely they would have the know-how to strategize growth, create virtual work environments, or plan for business continuity – the overarching foundation of disaster recovery.
  7. You never need to hire or fire anyone, so you never undergo any IT support interruptions. A small business typically has only one IT staffer. If they quit, you could be left without your continuity expert just when a crisis hits. You benefit from having an entire IT firm at your behest to help you plan for improved continuity of business, whether day-to-day business or continued operations during a crisis situation such as COVID-19 caused or a tornado or fire causes.
  8. All of this expertise comes to your business without your needing to pay for IT training or continuing education courses. The IT outsourcing company pays for training all of its personnel and you benefit from their knowledge.
  9. Your IT firm never closes although your business keeps 9 to 5 hours. The staff of the IT firm to which you outsource takes care of downed servers, hackers, viruses, and much more. It monitors your systems from afar, ensuring that your systems never go down and you do not experience a continuity break.
  10. Outsourcing your business continuity needs frees up your in-house IT staff for everyday needs. You no longer need to overtax them with items like creating or updating and implementing your business continuity or disaster recovery plan. They do not need to remain on call, nor do they have to set up alerts, so they learn of a middle of the night security breach. Although many companies, including Virtual IT, do not co-manage, you should keep your existing personnel but repurpose them for what makes sense concerning on-premise IT needs.
  11. You can easily scale your business and the company to which you outsource your business continuity can help you. This goes either way. You can grow your business or when things get slow, your outsourced IT provider can help you reduce costs by downsizing your technology.

It’s easy to see the many benefits of outsourcing your IT needs, especially in the areas of disaster recovery and business continuity. Look for a company like Virtual IT that can become your business’s strategic partner, not just a vendor. Your business can grow and prosper, and Virtual IT can help by increasing your security and helping you improve productivity while maintaining security and your data on cloud platforms.

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