Windows Computer Support In Omaha, Des Moines, Kansas City & St. Louis

Microsoft Windows is the single most commonly used operating system in the business world. Making a name for itself as the corporation’s OS, it’s no surprise that Windows dominates the market for infrastructure, networking, and employee workstations across the globe. From POS systems to employee laptops, Windows is an essential cornerstone of most business tech stacks. When you build your company infrastructure on a chosen operating system, your IT team needs to be prepared and well-versed in the needs of your system.

Businesses running a Microsoft Windows infrastructure require skilled IT staff to ensure that the business systems you rely on remain in working order and repairs are swift when something goes wrong. Here at Virtual IT, we are proud to provide both remote and on-site expert IT support for companies running a Microsoft Windows infrastructure.

Windows Computer Support

Live, Expert Windows IT Support Services

Live support is a must for responsive IT services. Your business continuity relies on fast solutions should one workstation or your entire network experience trouble on a busy workday. 98% of our calls are picked up directly by experienced, certified IT service engineers and most calls are resolved in under 10 minutes. We are also available for on-site repairs, resolutions, installations, and big projects where on-hand IT is essential.

On-Call Remote Windows Support

Windows support should be fast and easy. Most Windows problems can be tackled quickly with just a phone call to an experienced IT service engineer. Live and responsive IT support gives your company the power to reach for your technological limits because you know there’s a responsive IT safety net ready to help resolve any problems that come up along the way.

On-Site Windows IT Services

Let us deliver the IT services you need directly to your office. Need network setup, new workstations built, or server rooms managed? Virtual IT is there when you need us, waiting for your call.

Windows 10 and Windows 11 Support

Windows 10 IT Support

Most companies today run Windows 10, and everything is built on that simple baseline. Windows 10 tech stacks rely on the stability of your Windows installation and management. Our trusted IT team can provide expert Windows 10 support, including support for your Microsoft 365 programs, installing all the right drivers, and building your cybersecurity infrastructure.

Windows 11 Upgrade Planning

If you are ready to upgrade to Windows 11, we’re ready to prepare you for the transition. Our IT engineers can help you back up your systems and adapt your tech stack and make the upgrade to the cutting-edge Windows 11 OS. We’ll also be right there with you to smooth the bumps out of your system transition.

Windows Network and Admin Services

Network management is serious business. Your networks need to be secure, communicate between Windows computers, and interact with your remote servers safely. Network setup is something every new company must do, and again when they change to or open a new location. Let our team take care of your Windows networking needs.

Windows Network Maintenance and Support

Call Virtual IT to help maintain your existing business network. We can help you increase security, speed, and performance while reducing the risk of invasion, latency, and data errors. We’ll also be by the phones for on-demand network support.

Building a Secure New Windows Network

If your business or location does not yet have a network setup, a Virtual IT team would be glad to build a strong Windows network designed for high security and easy inter-office file management.

Microsoft 365  and the Cloud

  • Microsoft 365 Apps on the Cloud
  • Microsoft Outlook Email Support
  • Microsoft Remote Teams

The Cloud is an integrated part of the Windows business experience. The Microsoft 365 business suite is already integrated with Azure cloud services. It uses an Azure Active Directory (Azure AD) to handle user identities. Each Microsoft 365 app is connected to the cloud for shared document management and collaborative version tracking.

Allow us to up your game on the cloud by making the best use of your Windows apps and resources.

Microsoft Azure Virtual Server Management

Virtual resource management has become a large part of business data today. Your virtual servers may be serving website pages, app data, or processing analytics for AI solutions. The one great thing about Microsoft Azure is that you can run as many virtual servers as you need and manage them individually down to the RAM per task and Cycle. Virtual IT is ready to optimize your virtual server management through Azure and take over the regular maintenance tasks of virtual server implementation and security.

Microsoft Windows Cybersecurity Services

Does your business need stronger cybersecurity and a vigilant team to repel hackers from your Windows business network? The Virtual IT team will expertly set up a cutting-edge cybersecurity plan for your business, handle maintenance and update patching, and remain on-call to help you handle any cybersecurity threats that occur in the moment.

Build a Cybersecurity Infrastructure

Most businesses benefit from a cybersecurity audit and a few upgrades. The security field is always updating methods and patches to stay ahead of hacker tactics. Whether you need fresh cybersecurity or tune-up your current tools, Virtual IT will ensure your cybersecurity is top-notch when the job is done.

Virus Scans and Network Monitoring to Detect Security Breaches

Allow us to maintain the security of your network with regular virus scanning and active network monitoring services. Together. these efforts can detect (and help to eradicate) malware or hacker backdoors.

Respond to Your Cybersecurity Emergency Calls

If you are experiencing a cybersecurity breach or fear one is about to happen, call us! We’ll have our best security people on the phone, tapping in remotely, and ready to attend on-site based on the solutions necessary to protect your company from cyber threats.

Windows and VOIP Integration for Business Phones

  • Integrate a VOIP Service with Windows Tech Stack
  • Provide All Employees with Phone Numbers and Software Access

Cloud phones, universal communication, and VOIP are all different ways to talk about virtual phones, the flexible and feature-rich new solution for business phone systems. We can easily integrate a cloud phone system with your business Windows structure so that every employee is granted their own number which will work at their desk and through any approved mobile device for ultimate work number flexibility and team scalability.

Windows Business Continuity Assurance

  • Backups and Archives
  • Backup Recovery Plans and Implementation
  • On-Call IT Support Services
  • Service Provider Management

Last but certainly never least is business continuity. Your business needs to keep the doors open, lights on, and network humming to remain on-task and available to your entire customer base. If one computer or the whole network goes down, if you are hit by ransomware or a seasonal storm damages your office building, you need business continuity IT support – and fast!

Virtual IT can create a business continuity assurance through high-quality backups and archiving combined with backup recovery plans that are practiced and proven. In addition to making it fast and easy to “reload from safe” after a data disaster (or in a new location), we are also available for on-call repairs, will intervene with your internet service provider, and will make it our top priority to get your network and performance back where it needs to be.

Virtual IT is a proud provider of expert remote and on-site IT support for local businesses. Contact us today to consult on the Windows IT support services that your business can benefit most from.

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