Enterprise Cloud Platforms: AWS, Google Cloud Platform, or Microsoft Azure?

Enterprise Cloud Platforms: AWS, Google Cloud Platform, or Microsoft Azure?

When you work in enterprise, you will likely need a cloud service. Three of the most popular cloud services are Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web Services (AWS), and Google Cloud Platform (GCP). Depending on what you do, the cloud service you need may differ from what another company needs. When deciding on which service is best for your business, consider the factors below.

Google Cloud Platform Pros and Cons

According to Computer World, Google is well-known for its innovation in cloud-native companies and is well regarded in the open-source community. Still, it doesn’t have a lot of experience in the enterprise market. Google Cloud is also appealing because of its strengths in big data and analytics, machine learning, and applications that are optimized for operations in the cloud.

On the negative side, Google needs to work on diversifying itself. It focuses on smaller, innovative projects at larger companies but does not expand its horizon to many other companies. Gartner is quoted as saying, “The immaturity of process is most pronounced in areas such as contract negotiation, discounting, independent software vendor (ISV) licensing, integration with enterprise systems and support.”

Google is actively working on addressing some of those shortcomings. However, even if those are addressed, they still lack a presence in China. This is notable because both Azure and AWS do have a presence in that region.

Microsoft Azure Pros and Cons

Computer World also says Azure is an obvious choice for companies that are already using a lot of Microsoft products as it integrates well. For example, it links exceptionally well with Microsoft on-premise systems such as Windows Server, System Center, and Active Directory. Another positive to Microsoft is that they are more open to open source technologies. Currently, half its workloads are running on Linux.

Gartner says, “Enterprises that are strategically committed to Microsoft technology generally choose Azure as their primary IaaS+PaaS provider.”

One of the biggest downsides of Microsoft Azure is how prone they are to outages. They had a major global outage in May 2019. Gartner analyst Lydia Leong has suggested disaster recovery capabilities should be moved away from Azure for any critical applications hosted in the cloud. While AWS and Google Platforms have outages as well, they aren’t nearly as bad. Microsoft has also gained a reputation for poor technical support.

Amazon Web Services Pros and Cons

Computer World mentions that one of the biggest pluses for AWS is the breadth and depth of its offerings. AWS has been developing its cloud services since 2006 and has built them to be enterprise-friendly.

Another thing AWS ranks highly for is monitoring and policy features, platform configuration options, and security and reliability. They are also market-leading in their partner ecosystem and general product strategy. Also, the AWS Marketplace has several third-party software services.

AWS has its downsides as well, however. One of these areas is its hybrid cloud strategy. It has tended to be dismissive of private on-premise clouds, but it has begun coming around to the idea. A second disadvantage is the complexity of its offerings. While options are great, some feel that it can be difficult to manage its many features. Some businesses may avoid AWS because they don’t want to hand any more money to Amazon.


Currently, AWS is the industry leader, but that gap is closing. Microsoft is working hard to bridge the gap by continuing to invest in expanding the Azure cloud platform and strengthening ties with on-premise software. Under new leadership, Google could prove to be a serious contender, but they have some work to do.

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