Security Awareness Training In Omaha, Des Moines, Kansas City, and St. Louis

Security Awareness Training is an essential part of effective cybersecurity defense. Are your staff members supporting your cybersecurity? Or putting it at risk?

No matter how expensive or modern your firewall, antivirus, and other cybersecurity technologies maybe, your own employees could put your entire business at risk.

The fact is that more than 90% of cybersecurity incidents can be traced back to human error.

The key to truly comprehensive cybersecurity is simple, yet often overlooked: the user. The best cybersecurity technology and practices in the world can be undone by one staff member who doesn’t understand how to use them, or how to protect the data they work with.

Cybersecurity Training Services

Turn Your Employees Into Cybersecurity Assets

Security Awareness Training helps your employees learn how to recognize and avoid being victimized by phishing emails and scam websites. As a part of our Cybersecurity Service, Discovery IT provides a range of critical security awareness services to help train your employees.

Monthly Security Awareness Training

Our training regimen will show your staff:

  • How to identify and address suspicious emails, phishing attempts, social engineering tactics, and more.
  • How to use business technology without exposing data and other assets to external threats by accident.
  • How to respond when you suspect that an attack is occurring or has occurred.

Quarterly Phishing Testing

Did you know? It can cost small businesses like yours over $200,000 for a single incident, up from $30,000 a year ago.

Phishing is a method in which cybercriminals send fraudulent emails that appear to be from reputable sources in order to get recipients to reveal sensitive information and/or execute significant financial transfers.

Phishing is a hacking technique that “fishes” for victims by sending them deceptive emails. Virtually anyone on the internet has encountered a phishing attack at one point or another — they’re extremely common.

In other cases, phishing attacks are mass emails that request confidential information or credentials under pretenses, link to malicious websites, or include malware as an attachment.

Is your staff an easy target for social engineering scams like phishing? Our quarterly simulated attacks will put them to the test, and show you whether or not you need to invest further in cybersecurity awareness training.

Don’t Let Your Staff Put Your Organization At Risk

So much of cybersecurity is dependent on the user — that’s why it’s vital that you properly educate your employees and volunteers in safe conduct. The more your workforce knows about the security measures you have in place, the more confidently they can use the technology in a secure manner.

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