Managed IT Services

Are you confident that your managed IT services company, or in-house IT department, can effectively take care of all your staff’s technology challenges?

  • Does your current IT company, or in-house IT department, answer your support calls live more than 98% of the time?
  • Can your current IT company, or in-house IT department, resolve almost all of your staff’s technology issues within 10 minutes?
  • Is your current IT company, or in-house IT department, tracking service requests or other important metrics to constantly improve your staff’s experience with the help desk?

Virtual IT’s help desk and managed IT services team is the backbone of our organization.  When you partner with Virtual IT as your strategic managed IT services partner, you have a wealth of resources at your disposal and virtually all your technology worries will vanish immediately.

When your organization needs a trusted and reliable company that offers a low cost, fixed monthly fee that allows you to experience the full range of IT solutions and services that keep you productive, efficient, and competitive, Virtual IT is here to help.

Managed IT Services

Managed IT Services Helps Technology Issues Virtually Vanish Overnight

Virtual IT prides itself on client service.  We know and understand that without great clients, we wouldn’t be here. Our commitment to each of our clients is to remove the burden or worry of technology issues, which allows our clients to focus on what they do best.

Working with Virtual IT as your managed IT services partner is simple:

  1. Virtual IT fully accesses your computer and network environment
  2. We sit down with our clients and present all our findings and help our clients understand all aspects, risks, and costs associated with the information we present
  3. Virtual IT gets to work taking great care of you

Virtual IT prides itself on excellent customer service. With over a 96% client satisfaction rating, we are leading the industry in fast and reliable managed IT services.

What’s Included When You Work In The Virtual IT Managed Services Program?

Unlike many of our competitors who nickel and dime their customers and clients, Virtual IT made a commitment to never to work this way.  Our clients truly get a fixed-cost services agreement and know upfront, every month, what their costs for managed IT services will be.

There are no surprises when you hire Virtual IT as your managed IT services company.

Here is a short list of some of the services you receive from Virtual IT:

  • IT Help Desk Services
  • IT Advisory Services
  • IT Security Services
  • Onsite Service
  • Cloud Services
  • Disaster Recovery/Business Continuity
  • Business Telephone Services

We love the prompt service and appreciate all their knowledge to help us with our business! We highly recommend them to business owners we deal with. Exceptional service! They go the extra mile to get the job done!!!

Jean Bennett

Why Managed IT Services?

Managed IT Services is nothing new.  IT companies across the country have been offering clients a fixed-cost IT services solution since 2005.  There are great managed IT services companies out there, and then there are some not so great ones.

Why should an organization go with Managed IT services?

Technology is constantly evolving, and businesses today need a comprehensive and strategic IT company that can offer more than just fixing computers and making sure the network is functional.

Organizations today require a forward thinking organization that can help them remain competitive today and plan for tomorrow.

In addition, cybersecurity threats continue to evolve at an alarming pace.  You need an IT services company that will be 100% committed to staying ahead of all the latest threats while investing time and resources to ensure clients are adequately protected.

Managed IT Services from Virtual IT offers all this and more.

Outsourcing your IT services to a managed IT services company is a sound business decision, versus hiring an internal staff. There are many reasons why managed IT services is just the right business path for any size organization.

Get Started with Virtual IT as Your Managed IT Services Company

Take the first step and book a no-obligation consultation with the team at Virtual IT. Our managed IT services professionals will sit down with you to understand your concerns, challenges, and needs.  After we have a firm understanding, we’ll get to work on summarizing our findings and charting an action for all our recommendations.

Let’s take the first step.  Call (844) 355-4007 and (402) 973-9202 or chat with our website agent to schedule your initial consultation.

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